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Executive and Individual Coaching

Taravandana's Coaching Profile

I have worked in the NHS and with social care and voluntary sector partners for 34 years as a Dietitian, Manager and Workforce and Organisational Development Lead. This means that I bring to coaching much experience of the rewards and challenges facing providers, managers and executives of public services. Throughout this time I have been passionate about enabling both clients (and patients) and staff to meet their potential through designing and delivering training and development opportunities, being a student trainer, a mentor and over the last 7 years a Coach.

For 10 years I provided a specialist service to people with palliative care needs and trained in counseling and bereavement support to be better able to listen and empathise with people.

I have been practicing and teaching Mindfulness and Compassion Mind Training for 25 years both within the Buddhist Tradition and a range of secular settings including leadership courses.

Since 2008 I have been running my own Coaching and Consulting business working mainly with public sector clients. What I am able to offer is bespoke development projects for individuals and teams. For example; coaching and mentoring, team building, leadership development, mindfulness and resilience and workforce redesign.

Coaching hours experience


My coaching experience:

I have been coaching since 2005 when I trained with Management Futures. Since then I have worked with executive directors, senior and clinical leaders across the NHS, private and voluntary sectors. I have coached a number of senior and clinical teams particularly to enable them to work more effectively and harmoniously together and to continuously improve the services they provide.

I have also designed and delivered coaching skill training programmes for example to a large Teaching PCT and to a Health Professionals Coaching Network.

More recently I have lead the successful implementation of a Coaching Culture project in a successful Foundation Hospital that is proving to be an effective means of supporting cultural change that was nominated for a national HPMA award.

I have been supporting the NW Coaching and Mentoring Schemes to establish Supervision for its practitioners and supervising both newly qualified and experienced coaches.

I facilitate Mindfulness for Coaches workshops and courses and increasingly train and support individual leaders in developing mindfulness and skills to support resilience.

My approach and philosophy regarding coaching?

My philosophy is that given supportive conditions we can all achieve our potential and that we all have inner resources such as knowledge, experience, skills and intuition that coaching helps to access.

Coaching for me provides a place where people can think, talk openly and safely, check out their assumptions and be heard. It’s a place where individuals with very difficult jobs can be supported and also challenged to be the best they can for themselves and others. To be listened to can often be a gift that brings about positive change in understanding, self-confidence and decision making.

Her clients include executive directors, CCG leaders, public health specialists, senior managers and clinicians from across the NHS as well as senior managers from the voluntary and private sectors. She also supervises a number of Coaches.

My special interests within coaching lie in:
  • Mindfulness and resilience
  • Interpersonal skills and conflict resolution
  • Team building
  • MBTI in coaching and teams
  • Psychology and coaching
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Career Coaching
  • Coaching Supervision

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Outcomes I have enabled with coaching clients
  • Increased self knowledge and confidence
  • Greater awareness of strengths and skill set and potential weaknesses and how to manage these.
  • More aware of impact on others and how much they value my contribution.
  • Being calmer, happier and more fulfilled at work.
  • More able to manage stress and work life balance and maintain resilience
  • Improved understanding of others and relationships e.g. with manager, team and colleagues
  • More effective development and performance management e.g. complex projects/direct reports
  • More flexible leadership style
  • More courageous in giving and receiving feedback
  • Less effected by self limiting beliefs and other people’s behavior through self coaching
  • Being offered a new role following effective preparation for interview
  • Being more confident and effective in engaging stakeholders e.g. GPs in a CCG
  • More effective at getting job done
  • Having more tools and information to call on as a leader and manager.