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I've never seen such fab feedback as the one you got from the Lancashire Care Mindfulness Champions from any other trainer - so you are special and really good at this stuff.
Head of Development, Breathworks CIC.

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I have found the Practice Manager mentoring sessions most helpful, my focus was a little cloudy and small issues were a big distraction and overtaking my ability to be proactive and end my days feeling I had accomplished something. Talking and reflecting on how I process my thoughts throughout the day opened my mind to the fact that I spent a lot of time reliving the less positive experiences that occur during my day, rather than the positive ones. Whilst keeping a diary of my more positive experiences in the day it became apparent that the rarer more difficult situations were my focus, causing thoughts of inadequacy, when in fact my days were filled with a much larger amount of positive experience, which I gave little thought to. My second issue was although I enjoy dealing with people and interacting the more mundane duties were a challenge as I struggled to see the necessity or final positive outcome from these duties. On reflection and following discussion amid these thoughts it became apparent that all of my duties are fairly rewarding as all have accomplished an end result which in turn provides a positive service or support system for my business or workforce.
NHS Practice Manager.
A big thank you for arranging these sessions with Tara, they have been very helpful and also enlightening. The workshop, Myers Briggs and the homework has provided me insight to why I approach situations the way I do. The whole engagement has really helped me to create a better work/life balance, losing the guilt/anxiety that I’m not giving enough, hard to change 10+ years of working ethic where you’re always flat out all the time.

Working at SolutionsPT has been a significant culture change for me in a very positive way, It just takes a bit of getting used to. Ian is exceptionally supportive and highly in tune which really helps day to day.
Senior Technical Product Manager Systems. Engineering Company.
Taravandana began coaching with me earlier in the year, she has an instant likability and was able to put a very nervous self at ease. The coaching sessions that I had were extremely helpful, they have enabled me to gain more confidence within my role as a practice manager and also my personal life. I have been using the tools Taravandana communicated me with other staff members who have also found this useful. I continue to use the tools/recommendations on a daily basis and find them enlightening. Taravandana would be an asset to your organisation.
NHS Practice Manager.
Thank you for the third incredibly helpful coaching sessions. I was initially nervous and perhaps a little sceptical but I had nothing to worry about or doubt. You made me feel so at ease and of course that allowed me to get the most out of our sessions. You have a wonderful relaxed, encouraging style that I really appreciated.
NHS General Practitioner.
Over the past five years with Taravandana the coaching has proved invaluable in supporting my development. The sessions are thought provoking and challenging in a reflective and supportive environment. Taravandana is highly skilled with an extensive knowledge base that is applied in the use of varied tools and techniques. The coaching is well timed to support difficult times with work and has built my confidence both for work and personal pursuits.

I’m now clearer on my skills and development areas and am confident in describing where I add value to an organisation. Using a wealthy of experience Taravandana is superb in sign posting and making the coaching not a one of experience but a journey with things to do, apply and consider outside of the formal coaching sessions. Overall a life enhancing experience focusing on my individual needs.
Assistant Director, NHS Women’s Services.
I just wanted to give some feedback following the first 2 coaching sessions I have had with Taravandana. I can only say that they have had a hugely positive impact on me personally and professionally. I have been carrying with me the effects of a fairly significant work experience for the past couple of years. This has had quite a paralysing effect in me and i had been unable to let it go. It affected some of my working relationships and had been both a burden and a frustration.

With the expertise and support of Taravandana I have been able to understand and accept the experience and my feelings and also have been supported to work through being able to process it and leave it behind, to make peace with most importantly, myself and start looking forward with an understanding of how I can manage any other incidents that may come my way.

I really cannot express enough the difference that Taravandana had made to me, I know this comes a t some cost to the organisation and would like to thank you for supporting me to have these sessions. I have one more session with Taravandana which we have agreed I will use to look at positively navigating the impending redesign.
NHS Lead Nurse.
Tara has worked with me and my organisation on many projects over the years and has an ongoing important role in our people development and management strategy. She has delivered many training courses to our people and has also undertaken specific team building and 121 mentoring projects. In fact, it is difficult to identify a time over the last several years when we have not been working with Tara in come capacity. Recently Tara coached myself in my role as General Manager and with the Senior Management Team so that we could be sure we were aligned and operating as an effective leadership team. She introduced us to a set of tools and processes (Affina Team Journey) that we found very useful and I am now working with Tara to lead the wider Management Team through the same team development process. Tara is great to work with and has a special approach that people, at all levels of our organisation, respond to. I highly recommend her as a business trainer, coach or mentor, whether it be for Senior Management board, functional team or individual development projects.
Director of Operations. Systems Engineering Company.
You are truly a great Mentor/Coach. It is very hard to find a mentor like you and impossible to forget. Your coaching skills are beyond my expectations.

I found it an extremely helpful and an extraordinary experience that could definitely make a remarkable and major change in my life. I have acquired new fantastic techniques too.
Thank you so much!
NHS Practice Manager.
Having just completed a short course of coaching for GPs, I would very much like to recommend Taravandana as a coach. Even within a few sessions, I have been able to gain insight into my current situation, both personal and work related and then initiate action plans to help achieve my goals. Taravandana’s approach is professional. She instantly put me at ease and inspired confidence in her skills and the process. She was able to pick up cues (often about aspects that I had not recognised myself) and then use those cues to challenge in a supportive way that allowed time for reflection and development. Each session has built on previously identified areas of significance and the review of achievement in each area has created an impetus to change. I have found the experience positive rewarding and highly beneficial, which is I am sure down to the skills and understanding shown by Taravandana.
NHS General Practitioner.
Taravandana has been a lifeline through a very challenging time of service restructuring – necessary but unpopular though they have been. Her support and wisdom, plus the encouragement to help me see I was on the right track when others around etc.., has been of vital importance to me, as well as providing safe space to let out some of the tension.

I have found the Myers Briggs assessment useful/insightful, in addition to some work I had done on a previous leadership programme, it has helped me to change some of my communication patterns to beneficial effect.
Professional Lead for NHS Psychological Services.