An introduction to Midfulness at work

Many Organisations are keen to maximise the wellbeing, performance and engagement of their workforce and leaders. Incorporating Mindfulness into its OD approaches can enhance organisational effectiveness

The evidence shows that there are many health and wellbeing benefits including managing stress, chronic illness and pain. In addition, mindfulness practices builds leadership capability, improves performance and the effectiveness of Coaching and Mentoring

The Approach

We recommend the following model to create sustainability.
  • Build an understanding of Mindfulness based approaches and their benefits including:
    • Reduction in staff sickness levels due to stress and chronic conditions
    • Increased staff satisfaction and engagement
    • Improvement in performance (By up to 40%)
    • Increased leadership capability and effectiveness and ability to engage
  • Enable staff and leaders to effectively use Mindfulness Tools
  • Develop in-house approaches for embedding Mindfulness long term including:
    • On Line Mindfulness based courses for managing stress and chronic conditions e.g. pain
    • In-house Mindfulness Trainers

Broad Outline for Building Mindfulness Approach

We suggest 4 broad levels of intervention
  1. Taster Workshops (4 hours) e.g. for HR Team, Senior Leaders, Managers, Front Line Staff, Staff with stress symptoms and or chronic pain (and history of absence from work).

  2. Follow Up Workshops (whole day) to embed learning and experience of taster Workshop

  3. 8 Week Mindfulness Courses, of 3 hours per week for up to 20 people focussing on particular target groups such as: (see also* below)
    1. Staff and managers/leaders who would like to reduce stress and or increase satisfaction at work and home.
    2. Staff “referred” from occupational Health due to stress or chronic conditions such as pain. Courses for those in chronic pain are best received if numbers are limited to 12 per course.
    3. Leaders who would like to build leadership capability and confidence through Mindfulness.
    4. Coaches who would like to increase the effectiveness of their Coaching

  4. Building Sustainability
    1. Through developing your own in-house Mindfulness Trainers through an accredited programme e.g. With Breathworks, (
    2. On Line Mindfulness Courses both for managing Stress and Chronic Conditions and Pain. (This could also be another approach for enabling staff and managers to use Mindfulness Tools*)